Welcome to Kasi Vibe, the mother of all Festivals!

Kasi” is and still remains the common slang used amongst the young people in the community to refer to the location they are from. It is against this background that Kasi Vibe aims to create a platform in the community with the objectives to bring out young entrepreneurs and SMEs to showcase their innovative ideas through product marketing and sales. The platform therefore assists participants to build their brands while empowering the youth in the process.

Kasi Vibe Festival hosted 13 successful events to date. The target exhibitors are the youths between the age of 18-35. Our Mission is to continuously meet and exceed the expectations through innovative ideas and the delivery of excellent service. Our wealth of experience allows the team to create strategies to host the biggest events. Our network includes the best vendors, venue space, and industry partners who work with us to offer unparalleled events.
WHY Kasi Vibe Festival you ask?
Kasi Vibe Festival is Namibia’s Biggest Business festival to showcase entrepreneurship, innovation, youth empowerment, brand building and connecting different people. Kasi Vibe Festival event has attracted an audience of 100 000+ over 13 successful festival events.